Release Date | June 2020

Starring | Blair Williams | Belle Fatale | Jackson Gory

Director | Allen


Runtime | 43:05

Data Rate | 9000 kbps

Format | .mp4 h.264

File Size | A - 1.49 Gigs | B - 1.69 Gigs

Contains: 1 on 1 female/female combat, belly punches, kicks, low blow, back hands, hammer fists, krypto rock scene, AOH whipping scene from multiple angles, AOH fucking scene, 3 dream sequences, heroine masturbating, forced orgasms from villainess in various positions using stimulation over costume, vibrator, and fingers, forced fucking in numerous positions from 2 males and female with strap-on dildo, sim cum shot on tits, Dildo BJ while villainess wears strap-on 

Synopsis: SG receives what appears to be a commemorative plaque for her service weeks prior for heroism and lives saved. She opens the case but much to her surprise, it's a green rock which immediately puts her down. Suddenly a villainess appears in a flash of light, introducing herself as Media. Through a one-sided manic exchange of dialogue, Media explains her animosity and need for revenge, as SG unknowingly killed Media's father. Through an unfortunate sequence of events, Media was experimented on earlier in her life, and DNA from SG's home world was integrated into Media's. The connection between SG and Media is beyond this world, affecting SG and greatly diminishing her ability to defend herself while heightening her arousal to a maddening level. Media realizes after arriving that she's divided, as she immediately finds SG extremely attractive. Rather than just physically torture her using krypto, Media decides to explore other more creative options. Her distaste for SG is trumped by her attraction to her, but after she's had her fun, what will become of SG?

The Battle For Earth

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