Release Date | 2017

Starring | Coco | Jackson Gory | Manny Bishop

Director | Allen


Runtime | 35:15

Data Rate | 6000 kbps

Format | .mp4 h.264

File Size | 1.54 Gigs

Contains: 1 on 1 male/female combat, face, body, belly punching, kicks, bear hug front and rear, back breakers, multiple low blows, crawling, full nudity, physical beating and forced sexual acts streamed to a live audience, self-induced forced orgasm from energy pulse, demasking, use of knock out gas and arousal inducing gas, depowering from a piece of jewelry, use of restraints in two scenes

Synopsis: Months after Kane was almost killed at Bastat's hands, the commissioner informs Bastat that Kane is once again operating his business from the docks. She decides it's time to again pay Kane a visit. On her way, she encounters a man held up at gunpoint. She intervenes but in the process, the victim surprise chloro's her and she's carried back to Kane's hideout. She comes to and to her surprise, Kane apologizes and says he's decided to turn over a new leaf. He asks her to vouch for him to the media and he promises to pay back everything he's every stolen. Bastat is speechless as Kane offers her the lost Amulet of Isis as a symbol of his trust. She puts it around her neck and is about to renew her faith in Kane when it begins to glow, removing her strength. Kane has tricked her and begins to spew venom. He's in a wheelchair because of their last meeting. Suggesting he hates Bastat is an understatement. The need to publicly humiliate and ultimately kill Bastat burns within him. Between the physical beating his henchman administers, and the energy burst he continually shoots at her, there's no way anyone could survive. Bastat is strong but depowered. Find out how long she makes it as it's streamed to a live audience...

The Battle For Earth

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