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We're always looking for talented actors! Whether you're in the Portland area or elsewhere, we'd love to hear from you. Below you'll find an explanation of the project and what the expectations are should you work for us! Give it a read through and if your interested, we'll handle booking with your agent. If you're freelance, contact us back at the below email, and if you're looking to get a hold of us for possible work, then feel free to send a resume and headshot to We look forward to working with all of you in the future!

-Team at TBFE-

What the heck is this project and what do you shoot?

First, if you're interested after reviewing this, we genuinely look forward to working with you! For almost 10 years, we've created films for a very small genre identifying as SHIP or Super Heroines In Peril. This genre is a mashup of the characters and action you'd find in a comic book, combined with themes from horror films and psychological thrillers. The parallel in most of the films is that the lead heroine always loses to the villainess or villain after some sort of battle or fight. Some but not all of the films direct the characters into various simulated sexual scenarios where the actress may be asked to play everything from a dominatrix to a damsel in distress forced to surrender; and everything in between. Again, all adult content is simulated or implied as the focus of the films is not the sex itself, but instead the story and exposition, and the roles require your best acting chops. Our customers have a large variety of kinks, and turn-on's, and we do our best to include as many of these as we can when creating these projects. Working on one of these projects can be a fun and interesting change of pace from normal scene work, and at the end of the day, we never forget to have fun and enjoy the process of creation! 

This project looks dark and too intense. I don't know if I'm comfortable with all the concepts.

These aren't "campy" or comedic films. The tone is dark, the feel is legitimate, and we do our best to build as much tension as possible. This project tends to push conceptual boundaries and wrestles with some challenging and sometimes offensive concepts. That's in part what makes it fun, but we recognize not all actresses will be comfortable with every aspect of the story lines. Should you prefer, we'll supply you a breakdown of the story and concepts in advance, and if you find something uncomfortable, we'll be happy to work around it, or fit it within your boundaries and limitations. It's absolutely paramount that this is an enjoyable, comfortable and empowering experience for everyone involved, and we prioritize our actor's and crew's comfort level beyond all else. Our goal is to make sure everyone has a great time working this project, as that will ultimately translate to a more energetic, fun, and erotic final product. Plus, if you're game, we'd love to work with you again!

Never heard of you. Who are you and who have you worked with?

Allen Wright is the director and owner of Reality Bytes Productions, the production company behind The Battle For Earth. Allen and the team have years of combined experience on media related projects within the adult industry, commercial, and private sector. Through the years, we've worked with top industry names, as well as talented local actors in LA, Vegas, Portland, and Seattle. If you glance at our releases, you'll likely recognize many of the actresses. We've developed relationships with most of the top talent agencies and it's likely you're reading this because we've contacted you through your agent. We'd be more than happy to supply references should you desire!


Every project we film is financed prior to the shoot, and check is delivered at wrap. Most agencies categorize this project as soft core, indie, or fetish. The rates would reflect those tags accordingly. 

Flight, lodging, and where are you located?

Flight and Lodging is provided. We will be happy to fly you into Portland, OR, and provide you with a comfortable room at one of the nearby hotels. We typically use The Eastlund or The Doubletree and you'll find both have 4 star plus accommodations. 

Recent trailers to see how these films translate:
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All Trailers

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What is required of a new actress?

We are used to working with all sorts of different actresses, many committing to their first shoot with a limited explanation of what's required. Here is the run-down of what we're looking for if you haven't worked with us before:


Try to come rested. These can be physically demanding days and you'll get a pretty good workout! We understand you may be flying in and fairly tired, but do the best you can!


Whoa - fight scenes?

If you watched a trailer, you'll notice fight scenes. These are all choreographed and safety is one of our main concerns. The fighting is non-contact, and we only ask that actors do their best to "sell" the fight moves with energy and movement. We are used to working with actresses that have no stage combat or fighting background. We'll adjust to your experience level and everyone involved will do their best to bring out the most legitimate looking fight scene possible. Much of this is completed in post so if you've never taken a kickboxing class and the idea of wrestling is comical, so long as you can bring the energy, we're more than happy to work with you! 


Line memorization?

Not typically. We either deliver dialogue on-the-fly, or if you're comfortable with improvisation, that can be an option depending on the project.


I'm not that great of an actress...

Just do your best! We simply ask that you bring as much energy and effort to your character as possible. We're used to working with diverse experience levels in every facet, and we pride ourselves on being able to adjust to an actors' strengths and weaknesses. We also realize we're packing a tremendous amount into what is typically a day. Again, just do your best and we'll make you look better!:)

How long is the shoot?

A typical day will last 10-12 hours including setup, MUH, shooting, breaks, and lunch or dinner. Food on set and at least one meal is provided. Should we go over 8 hours of actual shoot time, not including breaks or lunches, we will compensate with overtime.


If you'd like to get to know the director and understand the process even further, feel free to watch this documentary. The network Fusion produced a pilot called "Portland Porn" and these are the segments specifically related to this project!

TBFE Documentary
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