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The Battle For Earth production team is capable of fulfilling all of your custom requests both within the SHIP genre and beyond. To keep the process as simple as possible, please read the following before submitting custom requests, and include as much of the information as you can. Submit all requests to We'll do our best to reply within 24 hours with confirmation that we've received it and what the plan is going forward. We look forward to making your film come to life! 


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How To Create A Custom Film Request

1. Choose a lead actress(es). The actresses below are a good starting point. Some we have worked with, some have expressed interest in the project, and some of them have agents that have indicated interest. Please remember actresses often take time off and just because somebody is listed, doesn't mean they're actively shooting. They may not want to travel, or they may have become disinterested in the project for whatever reason. For these reasons, we will have to clear availability once you've requested someone and that will require us communicating with them or their agents. Further, you're certainly not limited to the list below. If you don't see someone listed that fits your needs, I'll be happy to give you the list of agencies we work with, and you're welcome to explore yourself. Once you select someone, we can then inquire into their interest. If you have someone specific in mind, just let us know and we'll contact her! If you don't have a preference, please indicate that and we'll be happy to help choose! Do Keep in mind R vs PG. While each actress may have different limitations, R indicates the actress is OK with sexual concepts or scenarios. 

2. Choose a costume. If we have a costume in house that works for your vision, that's the easiest. Otherwise, we're happy to have it created and we have a number of talented contacts we consistently use! Costumes in house are currently: WW with corset, WW one piece, New WW one pieceSupergirl, Solaria 1 piece, Solaria 2 piece, Powergirl, Sunder, Redwing, Blue Swan, Sonique, Ninja Girl, Marvelous, Excelsia, Shadowing, Widow, Bastat

4. Give us the locations or props. As you're putting your idea down, you may wonder what locations are available, what sets you can request, or what props are in-house. We certainly have no issue renting locations, but the following are available with no extra cost: Villain's or monster's lair, laboratory, dungeon, warehouse, bar, dance club, living room, bedroom, office/control room, and depending on the time of the year, various outside locations for pickup scenes, dialogue, or pg fights. We are constantly rotating sets so if you're envisioning your scene in a specific set you've viewed in a prior film, it was likely shot months ago and likely does not exist anymore. As far as props are concerned, we don't usually throw things out, so if you've seen something before, you're welcome to request it!

5. Let us know the total length you're looking for. We're typically able to film 20-35 min in a day. Every project is different and it's often difficult to determine length in advance, but do your best to give us a range as you envision it. We'll do our best to translate that to how much time will be involved to create it!

6. Let us know your budget. Folks come with a diverse set of requests, and an even broader set of expectations. We're more than happy to accommodate various budgets and are creative in figuring out workarounds. It certainly helps to know in advance how much financing each project has available, so that we can better design the production to fit your budget while still fulfilling your requests. For further details on cost, see below!


8. Some tips to think about. Do your best to keep things general when it comes to blocking, camera shots, specifics on set design, and dialogue. We have writers submitting to us from a variety of different backgrounds. Some give us general concepts with a focus on a number of different elements, whereas some literally envision the scene as they're writing it and come to the table with full scripts. We love working with both extremes and everything in between, but for the writers with a specific vision, please remember we are creating these films typically in a day. We appreciate detail but if it gets too specific, that often takes more time to execute. We're always happy to complete the project as requested, but just know the cost may be higher as it may take longer. This definitely applies to dialogue as well. The quickest and typically the most fluid, convincing, and comfortable feeling scenes are usually improvised within the parameters set by the customer. We again have no issue reproducing dialogue down to the specific word, but it will take extra time and therefore extra cost! Just food for thought as you're creating! 


9. To heck with all of it! If all of these details seem a bit much, toss everything to the side and simply write what you're seeing or submit what you've got. We're used to working from a variety of starting points, and we'd rather get the process started and remodel it if necessary! We always look forward to reading everyone's ideas, and since this project is entirely customer based, we very much appreciate your contributions to date, and continued support as we do our best to capture and display your visions now and in the future!

10. Send a script or synopsis to!

Some Talent Options


TBFE Documentary

TBFE Documentary
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If you're at all curious about the process, feel free to watch this documentary created by the network Fusion specifically on this project. It might give some further insight into how TBFE creates a custom film

How Much Does It Cost?

Here are some general numbers as you try and imagine what the budget might be for your project. When you receive a quote, it will be broken down to the following categories:

Talent - We pay talent on a day rate and for actresses, this can range from 800-1600 depending on the actress and the content. Most male actors are paid 200-350 and supporting actresses can range from 300-1000, again depending on the actress and content. If we hire an actress from an agency, there's often an extra fee of anywhere from 100-150, and if someone is flying in, we'll need to account for flight/lodging, usually somewhere around 500-700 depending on what city they're coming from..

Crew - Standard crew fee is 600 which covers a camera operator and audio supervisor. For larger projects or more complex days, we'll hire one or two more bodies which will cover lighting, set design, transportation, food, running errands, backing up footage, reviewing footage, and transcoding on set. This can range from another 200-350. 

Wardrobe - In house costumes are certainly available for both actresses and actors, but if you'd like to have something created, we have access to some incredibly talented seamstresses/costumers, and obviously the internet as well. This cost will certainly vary per project from 0 on up! We're happy to purchase an inexpensive costume option online, but remember these may come with their own set of challenges, and may need to be altered prior to the shoot. Also, packaged costumes will typically last one or maybe two shoots max before falling apart. For custom made costumes, a typical leotard with cape such as Supergirl would go from 350-450. On the other end of the spectrum, a complicated villain costume could be over 1000. 


Practical FX - This is typically 0 unless specific practical fx are requested such as makeup..


Props - We have a prop department that already covers most scenarios. So this cost is typically 0 but could be more with special requests.

Locations - As detailed above, we have access or can create a villain's or monster's lair, laboratory, dungeon, warehouse, bar, club, living room, bedroom, office/control room, and depending on the time of the year, various outside locations for pickup scenes, dialogue, or pg fights. Other locations are available and will come with their own fees.


Studio - This is set at 250 for TBFE's own studio and covers building rental, consumables, and a cleaning fee.


Food - This covers one meal for cast and crew and snacks/drinks on set. This will range from 250-400 per day, depending on the size of the production.

Editing Fee - Most projects are filmed in 1 day and the editing fee would typically be 500-800 depending on complexity of action sequences. If the film is entirely action based, that would be the most complex, and if it's sexual peril or dialogue with long running shots, that would be the simplest. If it's a larger project with multiple days, this number averages out to 500-800 per day of filming. This fee is paid directly to my assistant editor and includes the following steps: 1st pass to compile chosen or marked clips, 2nd pass to tighten, 3rd pass to address hits and manipulate timing, 4th pass to sweeten, transfer to head editor.


Visual FX in post - 4 or 5 visual FX in post are just fine and we won't charge extra. If the script calls for more than that, we'll need to include a separate fee for this. Our VFX contractor works by the project or by hour so this can range from an extra 250 dollars to thousands.

Other thoughts on Cost
I do not charge a "profit margin", or for any of my time whatsoever. This includes shooting, directing and all post consisting of color grading, color correction, music score, sound design, audio mixing, and audio mastering, 

If you'd like to make payments, that's certainly an option. We only ask the balance is paid in full prior to the shoot. Because of this, we'd just need to know a ballpark schedule or timeline of payments so we can appropriately schedule the shoot!

What Happens Next?

Once you send us a quote, I'll get back to you with a line itemized breakdown of costs. Once the budget is signed off, the next step is payment. We typically accept payment through PayPal but other forms are just fine. At that point, TBFE will schedule your film. It can take a few days to a few weeks to lock in a date, but we'll let you know once we have something. It's often weeks to months before we can film something, as it depends on how booked we are currently, actresses travel schedules, and the challenge of organizing everyone. Rest assured we go for the earliest date possible! Once we have your project filmed, we turn the footage over to our assistant editor. At this point, the timeline will depend on how many projects are in front of yours. This varies greatly and is often difficult to estimate. We edit projects in the order they were commissioned and it's not uncommon to have 15 to 20 projects in the pipeline. The customer's most common complaint in this process has been the wait after something has been filmed. The best-case scenario from filming date to deliverable is a month and the worst case has been up to 6 months. We understand this can be maddening as everyone is excited to receive their project. Please keep in mind it can easily take 2 weeks of work to finish a project not counting filming. The assistant editor, head editor, and visual FX editor all must coordinate to complete the project. Also, the project goes through Allen for final tweaks, scoring, sound design, color grading, mixing, and mastering. During the wait for final product, we are happy to supply screen grabs and even bits of the film. We do our best to keep folks up to date with the production timeline and are currently developing a calendar to keep folks updated real-time. Rest assured we are motivated to complete the project as quick as possible as we don't make any money until we complete and release something! Once the film is complete and prior to public release, you'll be the first to receive a copy in either 1080P at 7000 kbps, or 4k at 20000 kbps date rate upon request. We'll also include all promotional material at full res.

Onwership And Rights

When you order a film from TBFE, you have complete control over every aspect including actors, story, wardrobe, locations, etc. During the process, we'll be happy to advise and guide but it's ultimately your film and your final decision. In exchange for this, TBFE takes ownership of the final product. We sell the film to the public to recoup costs and attempt to make some money, which in turn runs the business and infrastructure. A custom order is often tailored to the customer's specific preferences. Because of this, it may not always be a "box office" success. It is not uncommon to barely break even with just enough to continue the business model. For this reason, TBFE will often take footage from your custom and combine it with footage we finance in house to create what we believe will be a marketable film. At the end of the day, you order your fantasy and we film it for you exactly as you've requested!

More On Actress Limitations

Please remember each actress will have slightly different boundaries or limitations. PG vs R is a very broad description to a more complicated issue. In general, if you're wondering whether a particular actress will film specific content, just ask us and we'll double check if we're unsure. It is not uncommon for many actresses to be comfortable shooting nudity but not comfortable with more aggressive sexual concepts and themes. In other words, please don't assume because an actress is from an adult agency, she'll be 100% comfortable with aggressive sexual concepts! The safety, security, and comfort of cast and crew is absolutely paramount to TBFE and comes first in any situation!

Studio And Gear

We are located in Portland and have professional level gear operated by skilled industry veterans. TBFE uses Sony A7sII's and films native 4k. We have access to any lens for any look, and have multiple shooting locations within the studio, as well as the ability to rotate sets for a variety of different looks. Audio is recorded using industry standard recording equipment and mics. All editing and post not including certain visual fx is handled through Adobe's Master Suite, Nuendo, and Protools.