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Custom Films

The Battle For Earth production team is capable of fulfilling all of your custom requests both within the SHIP genre and beyond. To keep the process as simple as possible, please read the following before submitting custom requests, and include as much of the information as you can. Submit all requests to We'll do our best to reply within 24 hours with confirmation that we've received it and what the plan is going forward. We look forward to making your film come to life! 


TBFE Custom Commercial

TBFE Commercial
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How To Create A Custom Film Request

1. Choose a lead actress(es). If you already have someone in mind and they're still actively shooting or working, please let us know. Otherwise, the actresses below are a good starting point. We've either already worked with them or they've verified interest in the project. The list below is short because we have contacts developed with all reputable adult agencies and welcome fresh talent! We'll walk you through the talent search and once you've chosen, we'll reach out to confirm interest. 

2. Choose a costume. If we have a costume in house that works for you, that's the easiest. Otherwise, we're happy to have it created and have a number of talented contacts we consistently use! Costumes in house alter frequently but just inquire and we'll let you know if it's still around. 

4. Give us the locations or props. The following are available with no extra cost: Villain's or monster's lair, laboratory, dungeon, warehouse, bar, dance club, living room, bedroom, office/control room, and depending on the time of the year, various outside locations for pickup scenes, dialogue, or pg fights. We rotate sets so if you're envisioning your scene in a specific set you've viewed in a prior film, it was likely shot months ago and does not exist anymore. Concerning props, we seldom throw things away, so if you've seen something before, you're welcome to request it!

5. Let us know the total length you're looking for. We're able to film 20-35 min in a day. Every project is different and it's difficult to determine length in advance. Do your best to give us a range as you envision it and we'll do our best to translate that to the time necessary to create it!

6. Let us know your budget. Folks come with a diverse set of requests, and a broader set of expectations. We're happy to accommodate various budgets and are creative in figuring out workarounds. It helps to know in advance how much financing each project has available, so we can better design the production to fit your budget while fulfilling your requests. For a better idea of just how much a project costs, please look at the following sample link. It is the very template we work from when coming up with budgets. SAMPLE QUOTE


8. Some tips to think about. Do your best to keep things general when it comes to blocking, camera shots, specifics on set design, and dialogue. We have writers submitting from a variety of backgrounds. Some give us general concepts with a focus on a number of elements, whereas some envision the scene as they're writing it and come to the table with full scripts. We appreciate both extremes, but for the writers with a specific vision, please remember we are creating these films in a day or two. We appreciate detail but if it gets too specific, that takes more time to execute. We're happy to complete the project as requested, but understand in advance the cost may be higher as it could take longer. This applies to dialogue as well. The most fluid, convincing, and comfortable feeling scenes are usually improvised within the parameters set by the customer. We have no issue reproducing dialogue down to the word, but it could take extra time and therefore extra cost! Just food for thought as you're creating! 


9. To heck with all of it! If all of these details seem a bit much, toss everything to the side and simply write what you're seeing or submit what you've got. We're used to starting this process from a variety of points, and we'd rather get the process started, and then remodel it if necessary! We always look forward to reading everyone's ideas, and since this project is entirely customer based, we appreciate your contributions to date, and continued support as we do our best to capture and display your visions now and in the future!

10. Send a script or synopsis to!

Some Talent Options - Click the pictures below to view films actresses have already been in or teaser trailers for new talent. The teaser trailers are not future releases.