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Betrayed II

Release Date | Sept 2023

Starring | Ophelia | Kayla Coyote | Coco


Director | Allen


Runtime | 28:25

Data Rate | 8500 kbps

Format | .mp4 h.264

File Size | 1.86 Gigs

Betrayed II
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Contains: Electrified collar, belly punches, backhand, groping, topless nudity, forced fucking from strap-on in multiple positions, forced O's resulting from fucking, forced BJ on strap-on multiple times, 4 way stretch, whipping, dragging, riding crop, boot licking, 

Synopsis: The peril continues for poor Marvelous. Drained of her powers, she is unable to resist the onslaught of forced sexual scenarios administered by both a disgruntled Sunder and Reyna. Together they completely destroy whatever is left of the embattled heroine, demanding and receiving her complete submission.

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