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Chosen I & II

Release Date | Oct 2023

Starring | Coco | Kayla Coyote | Jesse Dean


Director | Allen


Runtime | A - 24:49 | B - 24:34 | C - 14:43 | D - 16:24 | Total - 80:30

Data Rate | 10000 kbps

Format | .mp4 h.264

File Size | A - 1.87 Gigs | B - 1.85 Gigs | C - 1.11 Gigs | D - 1.2 Gigs

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Contains: Long-Game Manipulation, Female/Female Combat, Male/Female Combat, Face Punches, Belly Punches, Slaps, Backhands, Uppercuts, Kicks, Low Blows, Arms Restrained Overhead, Cradle Carry, Bear Hug Front and Rear, Nipple Play, Mouth Play, Submissive Poses, Forced Pleasuring and Forced Fingering, Forced Squirting, Admission of Submission


Synopsis: Lucius was a Force operative years ago, and when he chose to go rogue, Force used all of it's resources to find him and came up short. With the secrets of Force and it's parent company Continuum safely stowed, Lucius targets Seven, a Force operative, laboratory enhanced Super, and One's protégé. Lucius understands the secret to unlocking all the heroine's untapped potential, but also understands it's a tough sell. The heroine's sexual energy is key to next level progress and for some, means reaching a level of performance called Boundless. To date, Boundless has only been achieved synthetically. Lucius realizes the face of Force, One, has the potential to reach Boundless organically because of her naturally occurring powers. Capturing and convincing One she has untapped potential and further convincing One her salvation and next level progress is in fact in the hands of the rogue villain Lucius is a tall order. Stranger things have happened. Find out what happens as Lucius makes his case to Seven, One, and further find out what his ultimate motivation is...