The Syndicate

Release Date | Dec 2019

Starring | Ashley Lane | Jackson Gory

Director | Allen


Runtime | 32:51

Data Rate | 7000 kbps

Format | .mp4 h.264

File Size | 1.66 Gigs

Contains: 2 on 1 male/female combat, face punches, back hands, kicks, belly punching, low blows, hair pulling, cradle carry, spanking, gas rendering heroine weak, "green" rock on a chain around neck, "green" ball gag, "green" shackles, full nudity, groping, forced dildo bj, 2 on 1 simulated forced fucking/forced dildo bj 

Synopsis: Superia has tracked the leader of The Syndicate and his right-hand man. Figuring on the element of surprise, she boldly enters, challenging both men physically. The element of surprise unfortunately doesn't exist, as the men are fully prepared and expecting her arrival. The syndicate has been trafficking sex slaves and using the profits to fund their network. A buyer has already secured Superia. All the Syndicate must do is capture her and prepare her. It seems an impossible task as she handles both men painlessly. A mystery case sits on the table and when The Syndicate boss won't reveal its contents, she decides to look for herself. Too bad she didn't exercise caution. The gas is mixed with Element K, and it hits her as soon as the lid is opened, weakening her substantially. It's the opening the men need and they waste no time in starting her preparations. Hanging a chain around her neck with a giant piece of Element K, Superia is brought to her knees. It's only the beginning and it could be the end. They'll keep her alive because they need to pass her off to the buyer, but she'll wish they'd just kill her.

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