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Release Date | Mar 2024

Starring | Harper | Marky Marx

Director | Allen


Runtime | 23:24

Data Rate | 12000 kbps

Format | mp4 h.264

File Size | 1.86 Gigs

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Introducing Harper!

Contains: Very limited amount of fighting 1 on 1 male/male/female combat, face punches, slaps, belly punches, kick, knees, low blow, blackmail scenario, depowering/arousal serum, forced masturbation, forced fingering, forced sex in multiple positions, heroine is initially blackmailed into sexual scenarios but is overcome and loses herself, After cumming she's regretful again, live feed that turns out to be streaming to an auction

Synopsis: Wonderous Girl has no memory when she wakes in a mysterious room. After trying the door, she quickly realizes she's powerless. It's not long before a voice over an intercom system greets her. The voice reminds her she is trapped but worse, a live feed appears on the wall showing a captured Redwing. It's at this moment the voice reveals the agenda. Wonderous Girl must follow every instruction and do so with a smile or Redwing will be tortured. Naturally, Wonderous Girl has no choice and immediately acquiesces to any and all demands. Unfortunately, the demands force WG into uninvited sexual scenarios. What's worse, she realizes these scenarios are far more arousing than they normally would be. She's too far gone before she realizes an injection is assisting here or that she'll regret her actions in the future.