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Release Date | Mar 2023

Starring | Coco | Ophelia | Jackson Gory | Manny Bishop

Director | Allen


Runtime | 27:45

Data Rate | 8500 kbps

Format | .mp4 h.264

File Size | 1.8 Gigs

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Contains: Power suit transformation, Asphyx from airborne toxin while locked in forcefield controlled enclosure, OTS carry, AOH, 2 on 1 male/male/female fight heroine dominates, 4 point restraints on cross, ball gag, forced ingestion of toxin, electric shock from handheld device, Forced electric shock resulting in costume destruction, Power extraction through multiple forced O's, Forced BJ, Forced fucking in multiple positions, Full nudity, Use of arousing liquid while on sybian

Synopsis: Undercover, Red positions herself at a weapons manufacturing facility prior to Octavia's arrival. She's got the jump on Octavia and makes quick work of the villainess and her henchman. Octavia is sentenced to 10 years hard time. She's got connections though, and after only 3 years, she manages to get released. Three years is long enough to plot her revenge and as soon as she's free, Octavia sets the trap. Red is dispatched as intelligence suggests Octavia is once again trying to illegally acquire weapons of mass destruction. Upon arrival, Red easily dispatches the two henchmen and locates the weapon. It's too easy though as she realizes the weapon is a decoy. A forcefield engages and it's too late before Red realizes it's a trap. Octavia's plan has worked so far. Find out what's in store for poor Redwing as Octavia shows no mercy.